Why Doctors Don’t Recommend These 11 Popular Breakfast Foods

7. White rice

White rice contains a lot of carbs. According to studies, it also may cause digestive problems because it has a lot of starch and no coarse fiber.

  • Recommendation: We can eat brown rice instead of white: it digests slower and is better at supplying our body with energy. To cook your breakfast faster, soak the rice the night before.

6. Smoothie

When we prepare a smoothie, sometimes we add too many ingredients by mistake. Fruit and vegetables lose their shape and we think that the portion is too small to satisfy our hunger. So, we decorate it with whipped cream thinking that we are making it more nutritious. As a result, your smoothie gets oversaturated with sugar. Additionally, it’s not recommended to eat oranges, mangoes, or bananas in the morning.

  • Recommendation: You can use measuring cups to understand how many ingredients you actually need.
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