Top 5 East Coast Ski Areas for Ungroomed Runs

Unless the western resorts in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California, resorts in the east are not well-known for their backcountry runs. Though you won’t find much true off-piste terrain this side of the Atlantic (you’ll have to head across for it some of the best backcountry in Europe) there are still opportunities to get a thrill, even within resort boundaries.

Here are the top 6 trails for ungroomed runs on the east coast.

1.  The tree runs at Jay Peak. 

Jay Peak, Vermont offers multiple glades for intermediate and advanced skiers. With five different “blue square” areas (Kokomo, Bush Whacker, Half Moon, Quarter Moon, Stateisde Glade) for intermediate skiers, Jay Peak is the perfect place to cut your teeth in the glades, which emulate a backcountry experience. For glade experts, Jay Peak won’t disappoint, with almost twenty different advanced runs.

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