Testing the Expressive Power of “Fine Detail”

The EOS 5DS has adopted a new Picture Style, ”Fine Detail”. Compared to other Picture Style effects, ”Fine Detail” is suitable for more delicate depiction. In this article, I carried out a still photo shoot in a studio to test the effect of the ”Fine Detail” Picture Style.

Excels not only in detailed depiction, but colour reproduction too

In this example, I made use of “Fine Detail”, a new Picture Style effect introduced for the first time on the EOS 5DS, to capture some ground cherries. I fired a strong flash against a black background. Let’s take a look at the extent to which “Fine Detail” is able to reproduce the fine leaf veins and vivid colour under the high contrast.

* Click on the image to enlarge.

I captured some ground cherries with very fine leaf veins. “Fine Detail” was able to reproduce the colours faithfully and express the minute details clearly.

EOS 5DS/ TS-E90mm f/2.8/ Manual (f/11, 1/125 sec.)/ ISO 100/ WB: 4800K/ Picture Style: Fine Detail

*All shooting settings for shots taken by the EOS 5D Mark III were the same as the above except that Picture Style was set to “Standard”.

(Photo by: Masaya Nakamura Styling by: Futoshi Watanabe & Toshiya Suzuki (Book inc.))

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