Try These 5 Bunker Shot Tips And 15 Most Important Bunker Shot Basics You Must Know

So you just crushed your brand new R1 driver 287 yards down the fairway and you’re flexing your muscles as you walk back to your cart.  You knock your 2nd shot short into deep bunker just off the front right side of the green. Immediately you begin thinking about your perfect drive wasted, your birdie potentially becoming a bogey…and then suddenly, your focus dissolves.

Any golfer will agree that the bunker shot is the most intimidating and frustrating shot in the game – but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some tips to help you with your bunker shots.  Go to the driving range and use an entire bucket of balls in the sand and use the following tips to help you get off the beach in one attempt.

  1. When in a bunker just off the green, or within a close distance to the green, make sure you use your wedges (sand or lob) – preferably one with a high bounce.  A lower bounce wedge tends to dig the sand too much, forcing you to not lift the ball.
  2. Make sure your standing closer to the ball then normal and keep the ball in the middle of your stance with weight on the front foot. Right handed golfers should aim to the left of the target
  3. Open your clubface so the face is pointed straight up.
  4. A bunker shot swing arc should reflect a “V” and not a typical letter “U” from a normal golf shot. You are swinging down on the ball with no weight shift during the backswing.
  5. Make sure to hit the sand 2-3 inches behind the ball and accelerate through the sand as the club will glide under the dirt and make sure your swing is complete with a high follow through.

15 Most Important Bunker Shot Basics You Must Know

Do you know that nervous felling when standing over the ball in a bunker? Praying to god that you wont blade it, shank it or chunk it. Let me tell you at once, that you are not alone.

In this post I am going to teach you the 15 most important bunker shot basics, that will show you how to get the ball nicely out of the bunker, every single time. Read it closely and carefully because all of the bunker shot basics have the potential to change your bunker play forever.

1. Let the clubface shine

The first basic in the bunker, is how you hold the clubface at setup. A bunkershot is about making the club glide over the sand. In order for that to happen you need the club to hit the sand with the widest part of the clubhead. This part is what is called the sole of the club. If you open up the clubface at setup the sole will be exposed a lot more, and by that there is a greater chance of this part of the club to hit the sand first. Other advantages of an open clubface is:

• This allows you to hit the ball with higher club speed, and it is easier to make the club glide over the sand with a higher club speed.

• An open clubface adds a lot of height to the bunkershot which is usually a good thing from a greenside bunker.

• More spin is created with an open clubface

Picture 1 shows how the clubface should NOT be aligned at setup in a bunker. Picture 2 shows the correct way, with a clubface that has been opened.

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