How to Get Up After a Fall Without Taking Off Your Skis

Now place one hand on top of the ski pole grips and the other hand on the poles just above the baskets – or, if the snow is firm you can put that on the snow at your uphill side.

This is the “ready” position as in ready to launch. The trick to getting up effortlessly from the ‘ready’ position is to lean your chest forward toward the tips of your skis through the entire movement.

  • Sitting sideways across the hill skis together
  • Pole tips in the snow above the uphill knee
  • One hand on the grips other above the basket or on the snow

Now, in one fluid movement push yourself upward with the bottom hand while pressing down on the pole grips. Remember, the secret – keep leaning your torso forward as this rolls that part of your upper body weight ahead of the pushing effort and makes it much easier to push up. As you start to become standing make sure your ski edges get a grip so your skis don’t slip out and put yourself back on your bottom.

Two Special Tips

  • Gravity makes it easier to get up while on an incline so be sure to maneuver so your skis are below you, down the hill.
  • If you find it too difficult to get up the quick and easy way with your skis on, then remove the skis.

If you remove the skis on the hill, point them across the hill, perpendicular to the fall line, and stand next to them on the uphill side. Use your poles for support and step into the downhill binding first. Keeping your weight on the downhill ski, roll the ski on to its edge so that it grips in the snow, then step into the uphill binding.

Now collect your thoughts, smile and – Happy Skiing!

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