Golf Tip: Improve Focus for a Better Score

Learning to Focus on What You are Doing Rather than the Possible Outcome

Knowing what you want to achieve in your motion will have a great effect on the outcome of the shot.  Please read that sentence again.  I work with many levels of golfers and I often ask the question, “why did you hit that well, or why did you not hit that well?”  Often times I get the answer of, “I am not sure”.  Knowing what, when and how to move your body is the formula for success.

Learning those components can be a lot of fun especially if you start to focus on how your body is moving rather than focusing on the outcome.  The sooner you start to improve how your body moves the club, the sooner you will start to see more consistent, predictable outcomes.  Below is a game plan of taking each component of the golf motion in sequential order to produce a predictable outcome.

Practice each shot for the purpose of executing the swing, NOT for the possible outcomes


  • Tilt from waist, keeping shoulders depressed and relaxed.  Feel weight 50/50 between left and right ankle, not balls of feet.


  • Pull with the right shoulder blade to turn the shoulders.
  • Rotate torso without moving the body, keeping the hands in front of your sternum.
  • As the rotation of your torso increases allow your lower body to turn a little.
  • Start to hinge your wrists while you elevate the arms by bending your right elbow so that the elbow points to the ground. (The goal is to achieve the right elbow at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the ground).
  • Transition by shifting your weight back to the left ankle (3 inches).
  • Start to rotate your lower body by pulling with your left oblique, lat muscles and stabilizing with the gluteus.
  • Keep your head behind the ball through impact
  • Let the right arm extend through impact
  • Finish by allowing the momentum to bring your upper body and head around so that you are standing balanced with 90% of weight on left ankle

Concentrating on these components individually will greatly help you improve focus, and your swing.

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