Finding and Maintaining Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo

Ironing Out the Rough Spots

Even though your tempo should come naturally, there is still work to be done to make sure that your tempo is even from the start of your backswing to your finish position. One of the best ways to iron out your tempo is to record your swing on video and watch it back for trouble spots. It should be pretty easy when watching your swing on tape to see any points at which your tempo speeds up or slows down. Remember, whether you swing slow or fast, you are looking for an even tempo back and through.

One common mistake is for golfers to get ‘quick’ at the top of the backswing and rush the beginning of the downswing. This is probably the most frequent tempo error, so pay particular attention to this spot when watching your swing video. You want the swing to gradually accumulate speed down toward impact – so the transition should be smooth and not rushed, letting the club fall into position and then start to speed up down into the ball.

Recording your swing doesn’t have to be complicated. Simpy have your playing partner record you with a smartphone or some other type of point and shoot camera.

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