5 Chipping Tips to Improve Your Scoring Around the Green

Tip #2 – Use One Club

Are you a professional golfer who spends several hours each day working on your game?  Didn’t think so.  More likely, you only get the chance to practice your game once or twice a week, and probably not for more than an hour at a time.  With that said, why try to achieve perfect chipping with several different clubs?

Choose one club, preferably your sand wedge, and get really good and chipping with it.  With proper technique, you will be able to hit a wide-range of shots with just the one club, and you will develop confidence by using it time after time.

Tip #3 – Get on the Green at All Costs

Not all chip shots are created equal.  Some are hit from short grass right off the side of the green to a hole that is located generously in the middle of the putting surface.  Others are hit from deep rough on a downhill lie where the hole is cut right next to the edge.  When you get ready to hit a chip shot, evaluate the situation and make a smart choice for the type of shot you are going to try and pull off.

There should be one main goal that supersedes all others before executing each chip – you next shot has to be a putt.  Don’t try to pull off a miracle chip and leave the ball in the same type of rough on the opposite side of the green.  Remember, even if it means a longer putt, make sure the ball finishes on the green.

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