18 Intricate Examples of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery You Will Love

We tend to think of knowledge in terms of progressive accumulation, with each succeeding generation having more information at its disposal than the one that came before it. What is less recognized, however, is the knowledge that gets lost in the course of progress. In architecture, particularly, little attention is paid to the way in which the standardization of building practices led to craftsman techniques falling by the wayside. woodworking tips and tricks for beginners woodworking tips video

japanese wood joinery woodworking tips and tricks for beginners woodworking tips video

車知栓継ぎ仕口の四方差し Shachisen-tsugi-shikuchi-no-shihousashi. GIF via The Joinery (@TheJoinery_jp)

Nowhere is this more apparent than Japan, a nation with an architectural tradition like no other. Long before screws and metal fastenings became de rigueur, Japanese builders had mastered the art of wood joinery. Using techniques handed down in guilds and families for centuries, Japanese builders would fit wooden beams together without any external fasteners. Buildings would stand for generations, held together with nothing more than tension and friction. woodworking tips and tricks for beginners woodworking tips video

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