12 Simple DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans You Should Try

A miter saw stand is a necessary but also a costly piece of equipment for the wood shop. For most DIY woodworkers, therefore, a self-made miter saw table becomes a natural solution to the problem.

You can decide to join these brave group of woodworkers and build your very own miter saw stand. It will be cheaper for you, offer you a fun exercise to engage in, and make you the proud builder of your own saw stand.  woodworking hacks youtube woodworking life hacks

We compiled the following list to help you with this project. It has 12 free DIY miter saw stand plans. They are mostly adventurous DIY folks, who have gone down this route before you and put their building plans and experiences in writing, and for the benefit of others.  woodworking hacks youtube woodworking life hacks

1. Randy Dean’s Barbecue Cart Miter Saw Stand Plan

Randy Dean's Barbecue Cart Miter Saw Stand Plan

Randy Dean came up with this fabulous idea of turning an old barbecue cart into a sturdy and mobile table for his miter saw. You too can pull off such a feat if you’ve got an old barbecue cart lying around. woodworking hacks youtube woodworking life hacks

First, you’ll need to measure out your cart and figure out how best to attach your miter saw to it. As you can see from Randy’s guide, the process is quite easy. woodworking hacks youtube woodworking life hacks

This guide includes just one diagram, although it provides enough information to get you started. The important part is having enough flat space where you can install your saw. You may also have to add blocks of wood beneath the saw to make the barbecue cart’s wings flush with the saw. woodworking hacks youtube woodworking life hacks

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